Saturday, February 13, 2010

What have I been doing...

well now, its been like half a year since my last post.. hehe.. didn't really have the spirit to continue writing.. that's why I don't have a diary.. I'm just too lazy..

What have I been doing?
Nothing really... sitting home doing nothing.. I'm useless to society.. hahaha
It's been 3 years and a half and I should be working or continuing my studies by now.. but with all the problems I faced during my final year project/thesis had forced me to extend for 1 sem just to finish 2 subjects.. Now I'm facing new problems in my life..

1. I've finished my degree.. but UKM is taking so long to update my status.. I don't know what the problem is.. my status is still 'mendaftar' even though my unit has reached 100. I need the status 'Tamat Pengajian' to get my transcript... And..

2. Still finding a job using only my SPM.. I thought it was easy.. I've applied for 7 Eleven once.. but they kept quiet.. either they're full or they simply don't like me.. haha.. and I tried many other places too.. well, have to keep trying then..

3. I can't seem to decide what to do for masters.. If I still take up the same type of experiment as my degree, I'm a bit scared it would turn out like last time which is full of problems.. I admit I'm a bit of a coward... I envy those who knows what to do and succeeding with their lives right now.. sigh.. truly worried about my future..

Anyway.. I reeaaaallllyy hope that I'll get my transcript quick.. coz I can't seem to move on without it.. well that's about it for now..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ask Baba Ali : The Haram Police

My experiment has finally come to it's end

WOW FARIS YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE... you haven't updated your blog since... since.. what? 2 months?... whoa super lazy.. you deserve a kick in the !@#..

Alhamdulillah, I finally, I repeat, FINALLY managed to finish my experiment.. but to tell you the truth, I'm still not satisfied with the results.. BUT I'm not THAT stupid to go and repeat my experiment again.. THERE'S NO WAY THAT'LL HAPPEN AGAIN I PROMISE.. I'm not gonna go through this anymore.. this is my limit..

Countless mice had died.. I've killed at least 250 mice(I'm a serial killer).. well done Faris well done.. they did a good job dying.. a moment of silence please.. the only thing left for me to do is analysis (=.=)..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thesis deadline's near.. exp not finished.. I'm doomed..

This is bad.. Last week the only stock of T.evansi in UKM died leaving my experiment stuck and unable to proceed.. Damn.. Luckily, our neighbouring university, Universiti Putra Malaysia, UPM was willing to provide us new stock of the parasite... Thank you UPM Thank you!! For your information, that was my first visit to UPM and I asked Farid to come along.. UPM was ok.. the scenery was beautiful..
Why did the T.evansi die? Liquid nitrogen which is used to cryopreserve the parasite has run out causing the parasite to run freely and with no nutrition, in the end, all died.. Well, I'm not blaming anyone.. The staff of lab 2120 didn't expect the liquid nitrogen to run out so quickly.. It was my responsibilty as well.. I didn't know that the liquid nitrogen lasts for only a week or 2.. I should've maintained my own stock.. Why didn't I maintained the stock in the first place? 1st: Lazy, 2nd:waste of fuel, 3rd: Waste of Mice and 4th: I was waiting for my Berenil to arrive which I don't really know when back then.. ok,ok I admit.. it's my fault.. I hate myself for being lazy..

Now that I have my parasite, the problem now is do I really have time to proceed?.. To tell you the truth, I don't have time.. The experiment for Berenil needs at least 15 days... I have to hand in my thesis draft on 10th of April.. sigh.. ok, ok, let's think positive for a second, at least UPM is willing to provide me the parasite.. (T.T)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Berenil oh Berenil

The drug that I've been waiting for ages has finally arrived!!! Heh.. not really.. it took 3 weeks of my precious time.. but anyway, this is great.. The only thing that's not great is I need to run an experiment of 30 days for this treatment.. 30 days???? Ya Allah... Plus, I don't even know how to dilute the thing.. This drug is very toxic and needs only a tiny amount to cure the disease caused by my parasite.. From the pic, Berenil's placed in a small bottle.. only 1 gram of berenil is inside.. this 1 gram cost about RM 200... Oh.. damn my heart was about to stop when I heard the price.. Luckily, Prof. Zainal is willing to buy it using his funding.. Syukur.. Syukur.. Thanks Prof!! I'll remember this..

The due date for the final draft is 10th of April.. wth... I'm not even finished with my writing... well, at least the drug arrived.. it's gonna be a very busy week ahead.. I'll try my best.. Research mode.. ON!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009